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Fruits and nuts add a touch of regality to the spread, and we pride ourselves in making that experience, special for you. Ambrosia specialises in superior quality walnuts and almonds, that are specially sourced from the gardens of Kashmir and California.

We stand for the finest in nuts, dry fruits, seeds and beyond, sourced from the best origins across the globe and processed for each palate with the utmost care. Whether it be retaining the choicest flavour and best nutritional value in each piece, or supplying to a variety of clientele from food processing units and retailers to individual consumers, Ambrosia’s commitment to its wholesome, organic values is legendary.

We are in the business of creating healthy culinary experiences through our wide range of handpicked nuts and dry fruits. Available in a wide range of forms and volumes, walnuts and dried fruits from Ambrosia give you the best bang for your buck.

Over the time, our consistent quality and packaging has helped us achieved the status of an Export House. Ambrosia has been accredited by the Govt. of India with a Certificate of Merit (2005) by it’s export promotion council, APEDA.

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Karamhans Foods Jammu

Karamhans, a family owned company originated from its parent company, “Hansraj Jain & Co.” Formed in 1971, Hansraj Jain & Co. aptly responded to the fast changing needs and demands of the global market and restructured itself in the name and style as "Karamhans Foods Pvt. Ltd." Integrating the tradition of striving for excellence with innovation in terms of quality, infrastructure, service and reliability, Karamhans moved towards becoming a market leader.

Karamhans Foods Pvt. Ltd. has witnessed splendiferous growth since its inception in the year 2002 under the blissful headship of the hon’ble CEOs Mr. Sujiv Jain & Mr. Sandeep Jain. The profound knowledge and rich experience of the CEOs in the concerned field has assisted the company to acquire distinguished position as the leading Dried Fruits (Walnut & Walnut kernels Almond & Almond kernels) processor and recently started venturing in Exports of Dried Fruits (Raisins).

From Location to the Infrastructure, Everything Matters

Premium processing without any alteration in taste and chemical intervention is our specialty. To ensure that you get the best quality walnuts and dry fruits, our entire process chain is set up at the foothills of Tirkuta Hills, in close proximity with the orchards in a built up area of 5000 sq. mts.

Walnuts, almonds and dry fruits are sourced directly from the farms and processed at automatic sorting stations to prevent any damage to the kernels. The sorted nuts and dried fruits are packaged in special vacuum locked packages to prevent spoilage.

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality standards are put in place to ensure that the kernels, almond seeds and raisins do not suffer any physical degradation while handling. Apart from storing the products under controlled conditions in cold storage rooms, they undergo strict quality checks right from procurement to final vacuum lock packaging in our quality testing labs, under the ISO 22000:2005 system based on HACCP Plan.

Processing Plant

The Delicate Walnut kernels and Dry Fruits are hand sorted without any harsh mechanical or chemical intervention HACCP Testing - All the nuts and dry fruits undergo stringent quality tests to have a uniform taste and quality across all the products. Vacuum Lock Packaging - We promise a long lasting taste, freshness and crunch with our vacuum lock packaging

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