Winter is Coming- How Dry Fruits and Nuts Can Help

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Winter is Coming- How Dry Fruits and Nuts Can Help

December is here, and as the famous tagline of Game of Thrones proclaims…Winter is Coming!

Snuggling in the warmth of a blanket, sipping hot a drak chai by the fireplace, foggy climate forms the perfect backdrop of winters. This is furthermore complemented by family outings that bring affection and gratitude to loved ones. But with chattering teeth and cold chills, winters also invite a gamut of illnesses like fever, asthma, flu, cough, etc.  

In fact, a study has also reflected that dropping temperature is responsible for spreading cold and flu viruses through the air. Not just this, but cold weather is equal to meagre sunlight thus curbing your immunity with deprivation of Vitamin D. This dry spell is then followed by headache, respiratory ailments, skin problems, joint pains, throat infection, so on and so forth. However, with a proper diet and healthy habits one can definitely ward off the spell of winter illness. And a healthy diet cannot be complete without dry fruits and nuts on the platter. Packed with necessary nutrients, vitamins, they are a blessing in winters to keep your body temperature warm and fight against infections.

Dry Fruits For Winter
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  • Almonds

Tagged as the ‘king of dry fruits’, is truly a king in winters. Studies have also emphasised that almonds help in keeping viruses at bay because almond skin has antimicrobial properties that help in fighting infection. Moreover, winters lead to immense hunger pangs and binge eating that can lead to weight gain. But with almond in your diet regime, there will be a control on our hunger pangs as well as on your weight. Not to mention, almond oil is a boon to bid adieu to dry skin and almond milk protects the body from cold.

Ambrosia Dry Fruits
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  • Cashew

    Winter is a season where your immunity levels fluctuate and remain low. But with cashews in your diet your immunity levels elevate and help in fighting infections. Also, the gloomy weather affects the mood of many that leads to losing interest while communication. However, cashews are rich in Vitamin B6, iron, protein, magnesium, omega 3 fats that helps in reviving the loss of interest and subdues depression. Along with this, cashews are a rich source of antioxidants and help in keeping the heart healthy. Toss some cashews in your porridge or consume them raw; they will definitely help you battle this cold weather.

    Ambrosia Nuts
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  • Walnuts

Walnuts – the brainy extraordinaire are the healthiest amongst the lot. Rich in fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, walnuts are a saviour from ageing and memory loss. Apart from keeping the body warm, walnuts help in smooth functioning of the digestive system, revives the kidney, nurtures the lungs and helps fight cancer. During winter, frequent urination is a major turnoff but with consumption of walnuts you can suppress your loo trips and get relief from coughing. Above all, limit your walnut consumption to 20-25 grams daily because exceeding the intake might affect digestion.

Ambrosia Walnuts
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  • Pistachios

Blame it on excessive sleep or increase in metabolism people tend to put on two to three kg of weight during winters. But with pistachios by your side, bid adieu to your weight gain as it helps in keeping your tummy full for a very long time. Moreover, rich in copper, Vitamin B, fibre and phosphorus, pistachios help you battle cholesterol and heart diseases. So, snack on about 10 pistachios with your tea and your calorie intake will be as low as 50 yet it will boost your stamina and immunity.

Ambrosia Nuts
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  •  Figs

In winters, many opt for a sedentary lifestyle thus resulting in less mobility and intestines becoming lazy. Furthermore, the sleep hormones are at its peak and with less oxygen, there’s fatigue in the air. And all these problems lead to constipation but figs or fondly called anjeer, help to minimize these problems. Figs are rich in sulphur, copper, chlorine, calcium, and potassium that helps in soothing bowel movement but also in reducing obesity and blood sugar. They are also helpful for cold, strengthening of bones, anemia and heart diseases. So, spruce up your mithais and jams with figs or toss them in your salads for a healthy winter diet.

Ambrosia Dry Fruits
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  • Raisins

Raisins are a great alternative for the sweet tooth. Raisins are power-packed with potassium and magnesium that helps in lowering the blood pressure. Raisins also act as an antioxidant that helps in fighting cancer. Most importantly, viruses are more active during the winter and consumption of raisins helps in protecting the body against infection because it boasts anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. So, if your sweet buds are tingling then try some amazing recipes with raisins.

Ambrosia Nuts
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Along with this, maintain healthy eating habits that will keep you fit and fresh. Have a healthy breakfast like porridge and complement it with milk so that you can keep cold at bay. Stay active and don’t miss out on your workout and physical activities. Lastly, say no to comfort food and embrace dry fruits, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. And to help you out with your winter cravings, explore dry fruits and nuts at Ambrosia’s online store and complement your healthy winter regime!

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