Top 10 Health Benefits of Consuming Dry Fruits Everyday

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 Dry Fruits

Fondly known as Power Foods, dry fruits have been an essential part of our daily diet since time immemorial. Whether it is a handful of nuts thrust into our hands by our mother on our way to school, or dry fruit rich laddoos, milkshakes and sweets fed to us by our grandmother. Dry fruits have always been a mother’s favourite for her kids. Not only these, but even power bars, protein bars, etc. are rich in dry fruits. Ever wondered why?

Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres, dry fruits supply our body with the stronger elements to give us the much needed energy and boost. Right from keeping your skin glowing, to boosting your immunity, to keeping your blood circulation levels in check, dry fruits are your body’s service stations, keeping your body’s machine well oiled, maintained and in tip top condition.

Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Consuming Dry Fruits Everyday.

 1. Increases Blood Circulation


Nuts can help improve circulation by reducing inflammation and oxidative damage in the arteries. Rich in Iron and Magnesium, and Vitamins like A, B and E, consuming 5-6 almonds and walnuts each, everyday will keep your RBCs hale and hearty.

Roast and grind almonds into fine powder and store it in a glass / airtight container. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of this powder in a glass of milk and consume every morning.

 Dry Fruits

  2. Promotes Weight Loss 


Rich in proteins, minerals and fibres, dry fruits serve as great substitutes for high calorie food. When you exercise, your muscles demand energy to make up for the fatigue. Almonds, walnuts and raisins when consumed in required quantities, help in building up your muscle and power your body with the energy to keep you up and running throughout the day. They also keep you satisfactorily full and away from those high calorie foods during hunger pangs.

Ambrosia Dry fruit   3. Keeps your Heart Healthy


Walnuts are the only plant-based naturally available Omega-3 fatty acids that keep you away from contracting cholesterol and other heart related ailments.

Although not very palatable, a generous helping of walnut topped cornflakes every morning will do the trick. Similarly, Pistachios are good for the heart too  as they help in lowering bad cholesterol level. 

Pistachio nuts

 4. Controls Blood Sugar Levels


Blood sugar or diabetes, is one of the most common reasons for deaths in the world. A patient suffering from diabetes essentially suffers from a pancreatic malfunction due to which the insulin levels are not maintained in the body leading to high Glycemic Index.

Apart from Vitamin E, Almonds are high in monounsaturated fatty acids that helps to slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream and thus preventing sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels.

Soak 4-5 almonds overnight and consume them in the morning before breakfast.

Ambrosia Almonds
Source: organicfacts

5. Inhibits Cancer


Cancer is not caused by a virus. It is the malfunction of one of the genes in the body, that results in unrestricted cell division, spreading across the body through lymph, eating away the healthy cells. Walnuts contain, ALA or Alpha Linolenic Acid and melatonin that prevent carcinogenic activity to a great extent. They predominantly help in reducing the risk of pancreatic and breast cancers.

 6. Prevents ageing


Ageing freak out even the best of us. The first signs of ageing appear on the skin around eyes and lips. Dry fruits are rich in Vitamin E, A, B and Biotin that helps regulate the wear and tear of your skin and help restore their health.

Apply 4-5 drops of almond oil to your skin every night to reduce wrinkles and prevent ageing.


Ambrosia Almond

7. Improves Memory and Promotes Brain Function


Almonds are traditionally known to improve memory. Walnuts on the other hand are recognised as brain food, powering your brain with essential elements to improve the brain function and overall co-ordination of your body.

Toast some walnuts with salts and store them in a airtight container once cooled. Munch on them as a savoury snack throughout your day! Check out some more exclusive walnut recipes here

Ambrosia Walnuts

8. Healthy Eyes


Foods that are rich in Vitamin A and Carotenoids are the keepers and protectors of your eye health. Almonds, and apricots are blessed with these nutrients in its most natural form. While all dry fruits are have their own benefits, almonds (rich in Vitamin A and E) is one for the keeps.

9. Strengthens Bones


Our body requires large amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium to keep our bones healthy and strong. Apricots are rich in calcium and potassium content. Calcium is required for bone formation and development while potassium is instrumental in the absorption, distribution and excretion of Calcium in the body.

So the next time you are munching on dried apricots, remember that your bones are secretly blessing you. 🙂

Ambrosia nuts

 10. Nourishes Your Hair


Who doesn’t love lustrous and gorgeous tresses? And why do you think, leading dermatologists insist on Almond oil to boost hair growth? Almond is rich in vitamin E which along with giving a beautiful skin, also helps in boosting hair growth and maintains the texture of your hair.

Mix one part of almond oil in 4 parts of coconut oil and bring it to boil. Cool it and store it in a cool and dry place. Take 3-4 tablespoons of this mixture and heat it to warmth. Apply it with your fingers on your scalp and massage gently. Wash your hair after 30 mins. Doing this regularly for over 6-7 weeks will give you visible results!

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