This festival season, 7 Reasons why you must consider this Healthy Gift for your loved ones

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If you just Google for ‘healthy gifting ideas’, Harvard University’s page titled ’17 healthy gift ideas’ shows up on top. Yes, there is nothing great about it. But, what is astonishing is ‘Nuts is ranked at 9th position and none among the first 8 gifts suggested before it are edible!!! The list begins with Olive Oil, and continues to Vinegar, Herb Seed Kit, Pedometer, Water bottle, Teacup and saucer, Kitchen utensils and Water Glasses. To cut the long story short, nuts are the number one choice in healthy gifting, even for the highly acclaimed Harvard University.

What am I hinting at? Nothing! I’m just stating the obvious, as to why Nuts and Dried fruits should be your obvious choice of gifting this festival season. Find out for yourself, why it is so

  • Motivational Nudges toward living a healthier lifestyle:

Let’s accept the fact that, habits of your family and friends will surely have rub off on you. A healthy lifestyle of theirs will positively nudges you towards the same. There is a laundry list of healthy habits you and your friends are aware off. But you or your friends are unable to implement 99% of them, purely because of your busy life and impracticality of the ideas itself! That’s where nuts and dried fruits score over others. Many of can’t hit 5 kms on jog track every day, but almost everyone can surely pop-in a handful of these healthy nuggets.  So, gifting a nuts and dried fruits gift pack, in turn is a gift to yourself!

  • Subscription to Nutrients Powerhouse:

Getting your giftee hooked to nuts and dried fruits, is like subscribing them with an insatiable appetite for protein-heavy foods. Know more about nutritional value of nuts and dried fruits here 

  • Signing up for an eternal weight management routine:

Not just weight loss, but healthy weight management plays an important role in wellbeing of every individual. All dried fruits, especially Walnuts are loaded with 2.5 grams of ALA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid), which protects you against damages to body cells during roller coaster ride of your weight and strikes a balance 

  • Flexible, convenient consumption:

Unlike other healthy activities, consumption of nuts and dried fruits, don’t have a strict doctrine. It is purely based on consumer’s choice and will deliver the near same result, irrespective of consumption pattern. To learn different recipes of them, visit 

  • Affordable and Ubiquitous:

Dried fruits and nuts are available across the Globe and your consumption don’t have to stop even when you’re travelling. To purchase good quality nuts, please click here

  • A Gift to one, is a gift to all:

Most of the gifts are individualistic and don’t get used by more than 2. But when you gift Nuts and Dried fruits, an entire family can reap the benefits of it, as they are a source of good health, for both children and adult alike. So, its time to gain some good karma!

  • Your friends and family don’t need you anymore!!! –

to take care their health, always. As a healthy intake of nuts and dried fruits will keep you family and friends health. Of Course, you must be around them for everything else!


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