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Raw almonds are a game changer as they retain most of the nutrients. Don’t like the taste? Add a touch of salt to them and relish the safest consumption method that provides you with the best of benefits. Roasting or frying raw almonds will lose some of its nutrients along the process. Add a handful of these remarkable dry fruits to your diet plan to ensure you fizz through your day. Read on to know the scientifically-proven benefits of consuming raw almonds:

  • Contains copper and manganese in abundance

Our body needs Copper and manganese in small doses and there is no better dry fruit than almonds to provide you with these important elements. Copper is necessary to make red blood cells and acts as a catalyst to store and release iron. Besides, it also helps the body make collagen – an element that keeps the skin, bones, cartilage, and tendons agile and functioning to its fullest potential. The other element, Manganese, acts as a wall to form a firm bone structure and metabolize glucose. Raw almonds – high in manganese – enables a deeper break down of carbohydrates and fats that fuels your day ahead.

 Contains copper and manganese in abundance

  • Possesses high riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Maintaining a healthy weight has always been at the crux of fit lifestyle. Raw almonds – rich in riboflavin –possess the power of lowering your heart risks while reducing gallstones. In addition, these tiny miracles help you in tissue growth and repair.

 Possesses high riboflavin

  • High amount of Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps support heart health, guards against cataracts and cervical cancer and bolsters the immune system. Some medical professionals believe Vitamin E can help with Parkinson’s disease. By consuming about an ounce of almonds has over a third of the average person’s RDA of Vitamin E.

 High amount of Vitamin E

  • Say goodbye to cholesterol!

Raw almonds are free of cholesterol. They record low on the glycaemic index. To simplify this, when you consume a handful of raw almonds they don’t end up gushing into your bloodstream with glucose. Good news if you are diabetic! Almonds, when eaten raw can help, shield against diabetes.

 Say goodbye to cholesterol!

Raw almonds over fried or roasted ones are the most preferred choice as most of the above-mentioned elements – necessary for the body’s smooth functioning – remain unfiltered. Not just that! As almonds serve to be the top antioxidants, they should be consumed every day. Don’t ignore the vital benefits of raw almonds that could bring about positive changes in your everyday life. 

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