Best Times of the Day and Forms of Having Dry Fruits

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 Best Times Of The Day And Forms Of Having Dry Fruits

Dry fruits play a pivotal role in our lives. They help boost immunity, but also help in healthy muscle gain. Dry fruits and nuts are literally considered as powerhouses of nutrition by many experts. Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibres, dry fruits make for a delicious and healthy snack in various protein bars, chocolates, etc.

However, one cannot consume dry fruits at any time of the day, be it almonds, walnuts or even raisins. They will surely give you nutrition, but they have to be moderately consumed and at the right time. What is the right time to consume these power foods? And in what quantities? Read on to find out!


Ambrosia Nuts1. Almonds

The skin of almond is usually heavy to digest so its best recommended to soak them overnight, peel their skin the next day and then consume. Additionally, blanching also helps in easy digestion of almonds and yes, you can also toast them to enhance the flavour. You can eat up to 10 almonds in a day but avoid eating them on an empty stomach as they can upsurge Pitta or bile, in the body. Also, to avoid infusion of bile, it’s best to have almonds with milk, grains or blend them with other dry fruits like dates or raisins.   

Dry Fruits
Blanched Almonds

2. Cashew

Rich in minerals and vitamins, cashews are rarely hated by people! Cashew is a boon for people who are trying to lose those extra pounds, but it is imperative that you keep a check on the quantity you consume. In a day, one can have a handful of cashews, but preferably in the evening. Make cashew your snack in order to control your hunger pangs. You can also garnish your puddings, salads, rice delicacies with cashews or grind it into paste for curries.

Dry Fruits

3. Walnut

Walnuts look like a human brain and interestingly, they help in the brain development too, as they are rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids. Some experts emphasise to have 7 walnuts a day while some suggest 9 walnuts a day. But maintaining a limit is the best option so 5-6 walnuts is a viable way to start your day. It’s best to consume walnuts raw, as roasting might decrease its efficacy. Walnut skin is rich in antioxidants, which is why it is recommended to keep the skin intact during consumption. You can snack them or eat before meals so that your hunger pangs are minimised. You can chop these brain-shaped walnuts into your cereal or can also make walnut butter. You can check out the recipe of walnut butter, right here.   

Ambrosia Dry Fruits

4. Pistachios

Naturally a cholesterol-free snack, pistachios are rich in fibre and protein. Have a handful of pistachios in the evening and they’ll be as good as an evening snack. Stocking up raw pistachios is a boon as it increases their shelf life. You can roast them and season them as per your liking to unfold a unique taste. You can relish a pistachio flavoured ice-cream, sprinkle some on salad, stuff them in your cookies or you can also make your own pistachio flour to make cupcakes, muffins, etc.

For pistachio flour recipe, click here

5. Raisins

Though raisins look haggard, they are an amazing form of nutrition. Looking for mental and physical strength? Then raisin is your solution! Well, raisins can be consumed in their raw form, but if they are soaked in water overnight then they are healthier. But make sure, that you consume these soaked raisins early in the morning on an empty stomach! Raisins make great toppings on desserts like Kheer and having them raw can curb your sugar cravings.    


6. Dates

Dates are an amazing alternative for sugar. Dates are one of the most delicious fruits that can be enjoyed by all age groups as they are rich in mineral and vitamins. Dates not only control diabetes, but also aid in keeping your bones and heart healthy. They are also known to ease digestion. Having raw dates is also healthy but partnering it with milk is healthier. And if you want to have dry dates, then make sure to soak them in water overnight and have them in the morning on an empty stomach. Above all, if raw dates is a problem – then go for a sugarless date pudding or a smoothie and you can explore the recipe right here.  


End Note

While all the dry fruits are rich in nutrients, minerals and fibres in varying amounts, the key is to have them in moderate quantities and preferably, early in the morning for the desired health benefits. And now that you know the forms of having dry fruits, then do explore Ambrosia’s range of Dry Fruits and Nuts. Our store boasts the best quality of almonds, raisins, walnuts and several other dry fruits that will help you carve a healthy life

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