Benefits of Dry Fruits for Healthy & Shiny Hair

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According to – a health and wellness platform – getting a healthy snack is like dime a dozen. A thumb rule to bear mind, the less processed the snack, the healthier it is. Adding a few nuts to your diet chart can make a remarkable difference to your hair growth. Find out the magic dry fruits can wand on your hair:


  • Pop a few Almonds on your way out!


Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, the godsent vitamin for strong hair. The Vitamin E present in almonds activates it and stimulates hair growth. Almonds also contain the goodness of biotin and fatty acids that are essential for voluminous hair. Almond oil, therefore is a big hit when it comes to long and strong hair.


  • Crunch on some Walnuts when you feel hungry!


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Omega -3 fatty acids nourish your hair like no other ingredient. If your peer’s hair is thick and strong, she probably is eating more Walnuts. Eating this magical dry fruit – highly rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids – can ensure your hair’s strength and thickness is retained. Walnuts is also blessed with Copper, which acts as a crucial mineral that makes your hair super shiny while leaving others in envy.  


  • Add a handful of peanuts to your daily diet!


Biotin is an important ingredient for your hair’s natural growth. Peanuts are a great source of this impeccable element to ensure the overall health of your scalp. Peanuts are also gifted with Vitamin – C, which produces collagen to keep the hair tissues together.


  • Indulge in the multiple benefits of Cashew Nuts

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linoleic and oleic acids are key to silky-smooth hair. Cashew Nuts are a great source of these two acids that enhance your hair’s texture and add luster to it. Not just that! Copper – an element to enhance your hair growth – is present in Cashew Nuts, making it the go-to dry fruit to add in your diet chart.

We are now aware of the impeccable benefits these dry fruits possess and enable us not just to be more productive throughout the day, but also to be more confident with our healthy and shiny hair. Now you know eating these magical dried fruits to your diet chart can nourish your hair growth and texture Add these dry fruits to your diet instead of using synthetic hair dye and hair shampoo so that your hair experiences sustainable nutrition and long-lasting strength.

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