9 evidence-based benefits of dry fruits for women’s health

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Dried fruits are the most natural form of nutrients. In research conducted in 2005, scientists revealed that dried fruits outrun fresh fruits based on their nutritional properties, especially in women’s health. In comparison with fresh fruits, dried fruits have superior quality antioxidants with figs and dried plums topping the list. Adding a handful of dried fruits to your regular meal can pack an immensely nutritious punch to your day.

  • Increases your nutrient intake:

A small dose of dried fruits intake can fuel your body with much-needed nutrients – potassium, magnesium, folate, iron, and Calcium. Not just that! Dry fruits also act as amazing antioxidants to eliminate your body wastes.

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  • Uplifts colon wellbeing:

Owing to their prebiotic properties, dry fruits ensure your colon is well maintained and healthy at all times. These properties feed good microorganisms to our digestive system that enables our stomach in good health.

Uplifts colon wellbeing

  • Enhances diet intake:

For all the fitness enthusiasts, here’s some good news coming your way! Fitness freaks expend more supplements and less fats. In a recent study conducted on 1300 individual women, resulted in shocking results about dry fruits. When their body was examined after the test, the diet seemed to enhance their physical performance.

diet intake

  • Catapults weight reduction:

Add a few dried fruits to your diet chart can make a huge difference. Dry Dates – rich in Vitamin B5 – increases your endurance, Dried Apricots – rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium – keeps craving at bay, and Almonds – rich in Vitamin E – possesses monounsaturated fats that promote weight loss.

  • Eliminates the dangers of infections:

Eating a small portion of raisins may reduce cholesterol and erase glucose. Ask what’s the outcome? A mitigated danger of causing diabetes and cardiovascular illness. Dry Dates are low on the glycemic list. This further helps with glycemic and lipid control for diabetics.

  • Reduces circulatory strain:

Regular intake of raisins ensures that your body is free from systolic circulatory strain. The outcome is a decreased danger of cardiovascular issues.

  • Keeps you satisfied:

A pre-supper treat of raisins can result in less expended substance in women and children as opposed to those who ate fresh grapes before a meal. Raisins will keep your monster hunger at bay while ensuring your stomach feels full and healthy.

  • Alleviates blockage:

Stoll recurrence is a vital human’s bio-mechanism. Consuming dry fruits every day is far more effective than taking supplements.

  • Boosts bone health:

The outcomes of eating dry fruits is rather promising although there is more for substantial research. Dried Plums can avert damages caused on bone and keep them healthy and functioning well.

Dry fruits are a great source for women’s great health. Consume a handful today and reap the long-term benefits. What’s best? Dry fruits are tasty too. Enjoy your healthy delicacies for a healthier tomorrow!

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