Know Why eating roasted almonds not helping!

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Raw almonds are a game changer as they retain most of the nutrients. Don’t like the taste? Add a touch of salt to them and relish the safest consumption method that provides you with the best of benefits. Roasting or frying raw almonds will lose some of its nutrients along the process. Add a handful of these remarkable dry fruits to your diet plan to ensure you fizz through your … Continue reading “Know Why eating roasted almonds not helping!”

Benefits of Walnut

7 Benefits of Giving Dry Fruits to your Children

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When water content is removed from fruits, they form what is commonly known as dry fruits. The water content is extracted through either of the two methods – sun drying and natural or industrial dehydrating mechanisms. Also, dry fruits are a rich source of strength for children. Adding a handful of dry fruits to your child’s diet chart can make a whole lot of difference to his growth pattern. Read … Continue reading “7 Benefits of Giving Dry Fruits to your Children”

Benefits of Dry Fruits for Healthy & Shiny Hair

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According to – a health and wellness platform – getting a healthy snack is like dime a dozen. A thumb rule to bear mind, the less processed the snack, the healthier it is. Adding a few nuts to your diet chart can make a remarkable difference to your hair growth. Find out the magic dry fruits can wand on your hair:   Pop a few Almonds on your way … Continue reading “Benefits of Dry Fruits for Healthy & Shiny Hair”



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In a recent report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states, 1 in 10 women/men experiences infertility. Maintaining a healthy diet chart is very crucial in leading a confident lifestyle. Also, bear in mind that infertility can be a symptom of serious health issues like endometriosis, PCOS and hormone imbalance. So don’t ignore what you can prevent now. Add a handful of dried fruits to your diet and … Continue reading “TOP 4 DRY FRUITS TO BEAT INFERTILITY ISSUES”

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